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Welcome to our page dedicated to Decorative hat boxes. This page is made especially for fans of hat boxes, round paper boxes, custom-made paper hat boxes, gift hat boxes, decorative fine hatboxes, round hat boxes, cake hat boxes, hat boxes with decorative ribbons and others. These cleverly designed decorative hat boxes are ideal for storing your valuable hat collection. Some decorative hat box fans also store many other items inside of them as the shape and size of a hat box makes it well designed for various uses. Some of the hat boxes also have a carrying handle on top as well as on the front of the hat box which make them easier to carry.   


If you or your daughter loves to live and dress in style this is the perfect product for you. It matters not whether your love is to visit Paris, spend time shopping or simply lounge around with friends. There is one box out there to fit anyone’s needs and desires. These adorable hatboxes can also make really neat gift boxes, which can later be used for decorative purposes. My favorite box is created by Tri-Coastal Design, and sports beige, black and brown design. The upper part of the box has a beige background; it includes a black evening gown in the middle, and can be found hanging from my clothes hanger. The outside of the decorative hat box is trimmed and consists of a leopard design which continues all the way down to the bottom portion of the box. The box itself has a pattern design of a black heel shoe and evening gown alternating which carries around the entire box. There are also phrases like “Tres Chic Style” and “Paris Mode” which give it a very European vibe and make it perfect for my room décor.  


It is really cute and I was able to get a very good deal on it with one of the sites that I am sharing with you. It does not really matter what budget you are playing with as I can guarantee that there will be something in your price range. It doesn’t seem fair that only the wealthy can own such beautiful things, although it doesn’t make it any less desirable to the one percenters. 


The measurement of most of these Decorative hat boxes consist of 18” in Diameter by 8” deep. The custom hat boxes are made from a quality tapestry material and are lined, both sides and bottom, with the same fabric.  Between the inner lining and the outside fabric stands a cylinder that supports the sides. The bottom is also doubled fabric lined with an intermediate fluted boxboard that provides the required bottom support. 

            The measurements of most of the Clear hat boxes consist of 18” in Diameter by 8” deep.  Their top and bottom are doubled with fabric which provides the required fabric to provide the needed support. These hat boxes can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers and shops, and are usually shipped flat for easy assembly.


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