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Porcelain Boxes


It is great to see you on our porcelain boxes page! Porcelain boxes have a lot of history and have played a big part in the evolution of “Torta Bomboniera” to “Pasticceria Artiginale in Porcellana” (Artisan Pastries made of Porcelain.) These Italian Favor Cakes are designed with the use of porcelain boxes shaped and hand decorated that look like very real edible cream puffs or “bigne”. Each porcelain box within it should contain five sugared almonds with a data of a ceremony printed on a card. For this reason the name that the Italians gave to this new idea is Porcelain Artisan Pastries.

We have found the best deals available on the web, which make the cost very comfortable for any budget. These porcelains boxes are commonly known as bonbonniere.  A bonbonniere is a small trinket box made of porcelain, crystal and/or precious stones. These boxes are usually given as wedding favors with a gesture of gratitude or appreciation to the guests by the marrying couple during a wedding reception or ceremony. This tradition goes back very far, and is believed to originate among European aristocrats. The contents of these boxes were generally delicate confections or sugar cubes which symbolize wealth and status. As the price of sweets decreased, it became common for the general population to embrace this tradition as well.

Today wedding favors in the shape of porcelain boxes are diverse and usually complement the season or theme of the event. Classic favors usually range from individual chocolates, classic sugared almonds to scented soaps and candles. Examples of modern gift trends include shot glasses filled with colored candy, gold picture frames with a photo of the bride and groom, and CDs with the couples favorite music. The presents can also be personalized with the couple’s wedding date, names or initials.

There are many porcelain boxes available, but it may be a bit challenging to find as a lot of websites that we have visited promise them but in fact do not have anything of the sort on their sites. It is very important to familiarize yourselves with the extensive range of choices and then compare prices as they vary very widely for the same exact pieces. You might be able to save hundreds of dollars on one event just by doing a bit of research beforehand.








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