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Wedding Cake Boxes


Welcome to our wedding cake boxes page! We have gathered the best places to for you to find the highest quality, and lowest prices for your wedding cake boxes. A wedding is a very important moment in the life of the bride, groom as well as the rest of the family. Everything should be perfect, and wedding cake boxes are an important part of the décor. It is the cake which seals the love and it should be brought out in style.  

There are two main purposes that wedding cake boxes serve. The first one is to carry the actual cake which is apart from the vows, and kiss usually the highlight of the evening for the ceremony’s guests. The second purpose is to give the attendees of the wedding slices to take home. It is important for both of these wedding cake boxes to match in order to not break the singularity of the décor.  

Large Wedding Cake Boxes 

These large, 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3" boxes can literally take the cake. The lids of these sturdy boxes close securely and can upon request to certain manufacturers be personalized with a design of your choice, your names and wedding date. The cake and tissue are rarely included and it is highly recommended to use wrapped candies or liners when storing food of any type into a wedding cake box. 

Wedding Cake Slice Favor Boxes  

These can be bought in a wide assortment of colors including white, silver, gold, chocolate brown and white marble to compliment your wedding colors. Wedding cake slice favor boxes usually are 1/4 pound-size boxes which tend to measure 4 9/16" wide x 3 9/16" long x 1 1/4" high to hold a traditional slice of wedding cake during the reception.  They will allow for you to send your guests home with a slice of wedding cake neatly packaged in personalized cake slice favor boxes. If you can’t find a color to match your wedding decorations, then consider using a white cake box printed with one out of the selections of the foil imprint colors, ribbons or flowers. 

The wedding cake boxes do not take long to assemble and are tremendously attractive when finished. Remember to also purchase a few round doilies to place the cake on before it is placed in the wedding cake box itself. Also make sure to purchase sheet cakes as they are easily sliced and you can still have a wedding display cake for pictures with the bride and groom if you wish. Do pick the right company as you want the monogram to be perfect and the quality of the boxes to also be perfect.  

After all is said and done this should be the best wedding in your book. Imagine all of the favors and gifts that will come your way after throwing a perfect bridal shower filled with love your heart and not just hot air. Wedding cake boxes are perfect for a garden wedding, and show a touch of class by selecting the perfect serving set that perfectly matches the cake stand. It starts with the satin chair covers, card holders, paper lanterns, guest books and ends with the wedding guests holding the slice cake boxes happily on their way out caught in the moment by wedding cameras.  




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